A sort of diary situation.

Well once again best intentions have fallen by the wayside and my blog has fallen into the nether-regions of my brain, after oooh, 5 posts? To remedy this I thought I’d do a fluff piece where I let my thoughts spill out onto the interwebs like some sort of hideous comic strip of banalities and half formed opinions. (You can almost feel the pretentiousness spilling out of the computer there, eh?)

Firstly, just some observations on the afore-mentioned interweb. One of the many things I’ve been pondering this week is how it effects relationships, and more recently, the addition of the “expecting” button to facebook (as first seen by me here). Well, the internet is indeed a brilliant thing if you ask me (not that many do) which lets you talk to fantastic people you’d otherwise never meet. Now of course it gets a reputation of sorts for being full of weirdos, questionable characters and real life scooby doo villains, but if you go playing in the darkest corners without mummy then you should honestly know what you’re getting yourself in for, no?

I seem to have strayed from the point a bit here, my initial point being that the interbobs is full of brilliant people! As in, people who you talk to then want to yell “Brilliant!” like you’re in Father Ted. I don’t see how talking to a stranger in a forum or social networking site is any more than a new version of socially awkward small talk (a speciality of mine). There are people I meet on one site, add on another and end up having a perfectly pleasant chat with one day, how is this a bad thing? It’s so easy to meet like minded people now, the blog I referenced before is full of intelligent and funny people that I’d otherwise never hear from, which makes me sad because it teaches me so much.

Now on the other hand, oversharing. Say it with me people “o-ver-shar-ing” when you say too much. Now I know I’m guilty of maybe abusing my facebook statuses a bit but I honestly do try to avoid “Eatin pizza, LOL! <3 :D” as much as possible. Also, I’ve re-kindled my love affair with twitter where constant updates are a lot more accepted (thank god, I may explode if I can’t share with people a blow by blow account of my bus journey.) But facebook have now added an option to tell people you’re expecting a baby, with due date. Now as lovely as this may be, and convenient, I do wonder who would use it, what with pregnancy being a delicate thing and subject to scares and worries. I know several people who wouldn’t want to tempt fate in such a formal way but I do appreciate there’s another side to this argument.

My other online love is this blog, it’s a sort of love-hate relationship until I’m in the mood to write something. I think it’s important to develop a sort of writing style if this is ever going to work, as well as realising when to keep my trap shut about stuff that doesn’t  concern me but I doubt I’ll ever learn that lesson, but the point I’m (very unsuccessfully) trying to make is that I’m still learning here, so if you would like to bear with me I would love your company on this undoubtedly long trip.

Geddit? It’s a bear and I said “bear with…” so… oh never mind. I promise I’ll try less hard to be funny in future.

Just a quick final musing on the subject of Harry Potter, now I initially wanted to do a long rambling rant on how I miss it so and it was such an inspiration, unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for you lot) this base has indeed been covered by a source close to me right here.

I’m slightly glad he did this, I could never have done my feelings justice in words with such great effect. So upon this I leave you with musings on how films, TV and music can have such a great effect on our lives and actions, whatever they may be.


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